System: Pathfinder
Level: 1
Additional Rules

Hero Point & Antihero Point Systems.

Ability Point Generation – Dice Pool!
“Dice Pool: Each character has a pool of 24d6 to assign to his statistics. Before the dice are rolled, the player selects the number of dice to roll for each score, with a minimum of 3d6 for each ability. Once the dice have been assigned, the player rolls each group and totals the result of the three highest dice. For more high-powered games, the GM should increase the total number of dice to 28. This method generates characters of a similar power to the Standard method.” – Pathfinder SRC

We will use 24d6 to determine stats. Please allocate but do not roll these without me ! We will do individual rolls on Roll20.

For instance
Str 4d6
Dex 5d6
Con 3d6
Int 3d6
Wis 6d6
Cha 3d6

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